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Academics extol high-minded ideals, such as serving the common good and promoting social justice. Universities aim to be... Read more
The topic of global justice has long been a central concern within political philosophy and political theory, and there is... Read more
Why you have the right to resist unjust government The economist Albert O. Hirschman famously argued that citizens of... Read more
Most political debate is superficial. Just turn on cable news. Philosophy is for people who want to understand the deep... Read more
Most people believe democracy is a uniquely just form of government. They believe people have the right to an equal share of... Read more
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May you sell your vote? May you sell your kidney? May gay men pay surrogates to bear them children? May spouses pay each... Read more
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Most economists believe capitalism is a compromise with selfish human nature. As Adam Smith put it, "It is not from the... Read more
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In many democracies, voter turnout is low and getting lower. If the people choose not to govern themselves, should they be... Read more
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In this timely new entry in Oxford's acclaimed series What Everyone Needs to Know®, Brennan offers a nuanced... Read more
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Nothing is more integral to democracy than voting. Most people believe that every citizen has the civic duty or moral... Read more
Through a fusion of philosophical, social scientific, and historical methods, A Brief History of Liberty provides... Read more

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Libertarians often bill their theory as an alternative to both the traditional Left and Right.  The Routledge Handbook of... more


Book Reviews by Jason Brennan

Review Title Publication
Civil and Uncivil Disobedience

Short version of *When All Else Fails*

When Non-Violence Isn’t Enough

Defense of violent resistance to state injustice.

Macht Hoch die Tür, die Tor Macht Weit

Precis of *In Defense of Openness*

Schwiezer Monat
Want Political Collaboration? Instead of ‘Winner Takes All,’ Let’s Make It ‘Winner Takes Some.

Why proportional voting would reduce political tribalism.

New Jersey Star Ledger
Universities Play the Victim in Admissions Scandal, but They’re Far from Blameless

How universities are corrupt in admissions.