Research Papers

Title Publicationsort descending Year
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Why Caning Beats Incarceration Policing and Punishment: Philosophical Problems and Policy Solutions 2017
Liberty and Freedom Political and Civic Leadership 2010
Condorcet’s Jury Theorem and the Optimum Number of Voters Politics 2011
Conscientious Tax Objection: Why Liberal States Must Accommodate Tax Resistors Public Affairs Quarterly 2012
Scepticism about Philosophy Ratio 2010
What if Kant Had Had a Cognitive Theory of the Emotions? Recht und Freiden in der Philosophie Kants 2008
The Demographic Objection to Epistocracy Res Publica 2018
Illiberal Liberals: Why 'High Liberalism' Is Not a Liberal View Review Journal of Political Philosophy 2004
Moral Parity between State and Non-State Actors Routledge Handbook of Anarchy 2018
Epistemic Democracy Routledge Handbook of Applied Epistemology 2018
Marijuana Social Issues in America 2006
Political Liberty: Who Needs It? Social Philosophy and Policy 2012
When May We Kill Government Agents?: In Defense of Moral Parity Social Philosophy and Policy 2016
Choice and Excellence: A Defense of Millian Individualism Social Theory and Practice 2005
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Controversial Ethics as a Foundation for Controversial Political Theory Studies in Emergent Order 2014
Liberty The Encyclopedia of Political Theory 2010