Research Papers

Title Publication Yearsort ascending
In Defense of Commodification Moral Philosophy and Politics 2015
Epistocracy within Public Reason Democracy in the 21st Century 2015
Community, Diversity, and Equality in G. A. Cohen’s Socialist Ideal Analyse & Kritik 2015
Market Architecture: It’s the How, Not the What Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy 2015
Markets without Symbolic Limits Ethics 2015
Against Mandatory Voting Debating Reform: Conflicting Perspectives on How to Fix the American Political System 2014
How Smart is Democracy? You Can't Answer that A Priori Critical Review 2014
Controversial Ethics as a Foundation for Controversial Political Theory Studies in Emergent Order 2014
Is Market Society Intrinsically Repugnant? Journal of Business Ethics 2014
Epistocracy within Public Reason Democracy in the 21st Century 2013
The Right to Good Faith: How Crony Capitalism Delegitimizes the Administrative State Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy 2013
Political Liberty: Who Needs It? Social Philosophy and Policy 2012
Classical Liberalism The Oxford Handbook of Political Philosophy 2012
Conscientious Tax Objection: Why Liberal States Must Accommodate Tax Resistors Public Affairs Quarterly 2012
For-Profit Business as Civic Virtue Journal of Business Ethics 2012
Condorcet’s Jury Theorem and the Optimum Number of Voters Politics 2011
The Right to a Competent Electorate Philosophical Quarterly 2011
Scepticism about Philosophy Ratio 2010
Liberty and Freedom Political and Civic Leadership 2010
Liberty The Encyclopedia of Political Theory 2010
Tuck on the Rationality of Voting Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy 2009
Beyond the Bottom Line: The Theoretical Goals of Moral Theorizing Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 2008
What if Kant Had Had a Cognitive Theory of the Emotions? Recht und Freiden in der Philosophie Kants 2008
Free Will in the Block Universe Philosophia 2007
Dominating Nature Environmental Values 2007