Research Papers

Title Publication Yearsort ascending
Propaganda about Propaganda Critical Review 2017
Propaganda about Propaganda Critical Review 2017
Murderers at the Ballot Box: When Politicians May Lie to Bad Voters Ethics in Politics: The Rights and Obligations of Individual Political Agents 2017
Why Caning Beats Incarceration Policing and Punishment: Philosophical Problems and Policy Solutions 2017
On Competition in Utopian Capitalism Moral Philosophy and Politics 2017
Democracy and Freedom Oxford Handbook of Freedom 2017
Propaganda about Propaganda Critical Review 2017
Estimating the Cost of Adjunct Justice: A Case Study in University Business Ethics Journal of Business Ethics 2016
Elinor Ostrom's Governing the Commons Oxford Handbook of Classics in Contemporary Political Theory 2016
Are Adjuncts Exploited?: Some Grounds for Skepticism Journal of Business Ethics 2016
Klotzes and Glotzes, Semiotics and Embodying Normative Stances Business Ethics Review Journal 2016
I'll Pay You Ten Bucks Not to Murder Me Business Ethics Review Journal 2016
When May We Kill Government Agents?: In Defense of Moral Parity Social Philosophy and Policy 2016
The Ethics and Rationality of Voting Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy 2016
A Libertarian Case for Mandatory Vaccinations Journal of Medical Ethics 2016
Do Markets Corrupt? Economics and the Virtues 2016
In Defense of Commodification Moral Philosophy and Politics 2015
Epistocracy within Public Reason Democracy in the 21st Century 2015
Community, Diversity, and Equality in G. A. Cohen’s Socialist Ideal Analyse & Kritik 2015
Market Architecture: It’s the How, Not the What Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy 2015
Markets without Symbolic Limits Ethics 2015
Consequences Matter More: In Defense of Instrumentalism about Private versus Public Prisons Criminal Law and Philosophy 2015
Against Mandatory Voting Debating Reform: Conflicting Perspectives on How to Fix the American Political System 2014
How Smart is Democracy? You Can't Answer that A Priori Critical Review 2014
Controversial Ethics as a Foundation for Controversial Political Theory Studies in Emergent Order 2014