Research Paper

Elinor Ostrom’s life and work

by Vlad Tarko

Chapter 2 in The Future of the Commons: Beyond Market Failure and Government Regulation (2012)

The life of Elinor Ostrom p. 48

Elinor Ostrom’s intellectual contributions p.49

Understanding public goods and common-pool resources p. 57

Polycentricity p. 60

Fisheries: an application of Ostrom’s work p. 61


Libertarianism After Nozick

Robert Nozick’s Anarchy, State, and Utopia made libertarianism a major theory in political philosophy. However, the book is often misread as making impractical, question-begging arguments on the basis of a libertarian self-ownership principle. This essay explains how academic philosophical libertarianism since Robert Nozick has returned to its humanistic, classical liberal roots. Contemporary libertarians largely work within the the PPE (politics, philosophy, and economics) tradition and do what Michael Huemer calls “non-ideal, non-theory”.